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wow. annie, once again your writing surprises me. (chuckles) i was up all night working on it, and it took me a while, but... i think i finally found the ending that i really want. well, it's better than i expected. when annabelle tells leo how she feels and they kiss and then he sweeps her up in his arms and rides off with her on his motorcycle? chills. it feels perfect 'cause it feels true. thanks. but, um... it's not. at least not right now. (sighs) captioning sponsored by cbs brought to you by ford. go further. captioned by media access group at wgbh
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this is kpix5 news on the
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cw. can't trust the police to solve crimes. some people in one local community is playing the role of detectives themselves. plus, more questions than answers about a family lost at sea. search crews can't find a shred of evidence off the california coast. and a bald eagle flies the coop. how the zoo knew she would find her way home. i'm elizabeth cook. >> here's how bad oakland's crime problem has gotten. some people aren't even bothering to call police anymore. instead, they are trying to solve their own cases. that's right. kpix5's kristen ayers on the every day people now playing detective. >> reporter: it's 7:00 and half a dozen neighbors are walking the streets. never has it seemed more necessary than now. one home was burglarized twice
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in 24 hours. once while this woman's nephew was inside. >> he was on with 911 when the men tried to kick into his room. >> surveillance cameras captured these images of three men casing the place moments before the home was ransacked. one of 25 homes burglarized in the last two months alone. >> you have to walk around your house with a gun to feel safe. >> in a neighborhood that has started to foal like the wild west, people have taken to posting wanted signs. this man was seen trying neighbors doorknobs and that's just the beginning of the do it yourself detective work. >> so crow sort of took matters into your own hands? >> yeah. >> we found eli, who did not want to show her face. she recently chased down a couple of robbers herself. >> there was an armed robbery in progress and the owner
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yelled help me and i ended up going after the kids. >> the people who live here are nothing, if not gutsy. they need help. a plan to gate their community has been stalled and with the police force stretched painfully thin, they may follow other oakland neighborhoods and hire private guards, next. >> we don't have a choice. either die or we hire some security ourself. we can't depend on the police department. >> kristen ayers, kpix5. >> a bay area couple who went on the bike ride of a lifetime hasn't been heard from in a month. jamie neil and her boyfriend, garrett hand, left in november for a cycling trek across peru, chile, and argentina. both are avid cyclists. neil works at a bike shop. the couple had been keeping in touch with friends and family on facebook. however, it's been one month since they posted anything. and they were believed to be headed for lima. >> i haven't seen video of her
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since january 25. so to me, anything could have happened since then, you know. i hope that she is just having a blast. >> jamie's coworkers a the the bike shop have launched a long distance effort to find the couple. they posted fliers and have set up a fund to raise money. there's some questions tonight about whether a family lost at sea actually is. >> coast guard, coast guard, we are abandoning ship. we are abandoning ship. >> 30 hours after that call, there is no sign of the 29-foot sailboat that supposedly sank. 65 miles off monterey bay. coast guard has been searching for a couple who radioed in a distressed call yesterday. they say they were making their escape on a makeshift life raft with two children in tow. but so far, there's been no sign of them or any wreckage. no boats have been reported
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missing from any california marina and no one seems to ever heard of the vessel charm blow. >> how likely is it that this is a hoax? >> absolutely. any search and rescue case can be a hoax. we don't have any sign of debris. we have no sign of distress, except for the radio transmission, which are compelling evidence enough for us to continue searching. >> also complicating things, the family on the boat provided gps cured that coordinates. police issued an arrest warrant today for 26-year-old amar harris. he is suspected of killing rapper, kenneth cherry, an oakland native of thursday. cherry's car slammed into a taxi, causing it to burst into flames. the search for harris expanded to include south carolina,
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georgia, and florida. a local oyster farm is catching a break from its long running battle with the federal government. drake bay oyster company won a court order to stay in business. they bring in a third of the state's oyster protection, but operates on federal land. the next hearing is scheduled for the week of may 15. david jackson has more on this in a live report on wpix5 at 11:00. the time is running out, there are just four more days until massive budget cuts kick in. so far, congress and the president can't seem to make a deal. the cbs reporter, major garrett, on how all of us could soon feel the pinch. >> reporter: budget cuts could do real economic damage, but was candid about when people would notice. >> these impacts will not all be felt on day one.
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but rest assure the uncertainty is having an effect. companies are preparing layoff notices. families are preparing to cut back on expenses and the longer these cuts are in place, the bigger the impact will become. >> one republican governor, nikki hailey, of south carolina, said cutting federal spending without jeopardizing key services is so easy, even her two children could do it. >> how many more times are we going to have to deal with these issues over and over again because of the finger pointing and the blame game that keeps on happening in washington? what i will tell you is, we heard today a whole lot of no. >> mr. obama endorsed a senate democratic bill that seeks higher taxes on millionaires and unspecified cuts to farm programs. house speaker this afternoon said republicans raised taxes in the fiscal cliff deal and will not again to avoid the automatic budget cuts known as the sequester. >> the president says we have to have another tax increase in order to avoid the sequester.
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well mr. president, you got your tax increase. it's time to cut spending here in washington. >> irritation was ever more frequent budget showdowns is growing and it may intensify because none of the key players are talking and there's every indication that washington string of 11th hour compromises will soon be broken. major garrett, cbs news, the white house. >> the catholic church may have a new leader sooner than expected. pope benedict xvi changed the law of conclave. it allows the college of cardinals who skip the previously required 15-day waiting period before electing a successor. >> do it as quickly as possible. >> i'm very surprised. >> in place before easter week, which begins on march 24. the upcoming election will make bay area history. >> for the first time, a former san francisco archbishop will be participating.
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kpix5 tells us, the historic vote may be over shadowed by a host of events leading up to it. >> a man of prayer. a person who has shown qualities of leadership. >> cardinal william, the former archbishop of san francisco and once the most powerful american listed some of the qualities he will look for when he goes to rome to select a new pope. >> the facility and the major languages is very helpful. >> but what he called this solemn duty may be over shadowed. the conclave of cardinals is happening in the middle of several church controversies. scotland's keith o'brian said he will not participate after allegations he made unwanted sexual advances. and cardinal roger mahoney is under pressure to drop out amid
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conversations. >> he was the first one who said and apologized for errors in judgment when these issues were first coming before him as a young bishop. i believe he should be at the conclave and glad to see he left and look forward to seeing him there. >> he also said he supports the decision by pope benedict to keep the explosive leaks investigation under seal with the final report on alleged vatican corruption, only to be viewed by the pope and his successor. >> do you think these controversies threaten this conclave? >> no, i don't. the swirl of controversy will never be free of that, i'm sure, one way or the other. but that's not going to be the dominant theme, i don't think. >> the cardinal said it's unlikely, but possible that an american could be selected as the new pope. when i asked if he ever thought he could get elected. he admitted the thought had crossed his mind. kpix5. still to come, the diet that can prevent the leading cause of death in america.
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heart disease. >> plus, culture shock at yahoo!. the new ceo gives workers an ultimatum. give up a highly treasured perk, or leave. >> and it's video you'll only see on kpix5. how an escaped bald eagle returned to its owner after dais after days away from the zoo. >> clear skies outside tonight. your seven-day forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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working from home. lisa yahoo's new ceo is yanking a key perk for hundreds, no
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more working from home. lisa silvester with the reason she is pulling the plug on tell commuting. >> marissa meyer says she has to prioritize. >> for me, it is god, family, and yahoo!, in that order. >> her infamously, depending on who you ask, returned to work two weeks after giving birth is shaking up the debate over work, life balance issues. yahoo!'s human resources director outlines the new policy. no more working from home. quote, to become the absolute best place to work, communication and collaboration will be important. so we need to be working side by side. that is why it is critical that we are all present in our offices. workers currently tell commuting have until june to get comfortable working out of the office or leave. yahoo!'s new policy was ripped
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by some new commentators. the decision comes backwards when remote working is more effective than ever, adding quote, yours truly has never worked out of an office, and never will. sees it as a direct dig against working parents. >> i think it's backwards. it's the opposite of what she should have done. >> and ceo of marketing company says not only does he let his employees work from home, he logs time away from the office as well. >> i am always more efficient when i work from home. and working from home or working from a third location. so i do a lot of writing and if you work in a coffee shop, you'll get more inspiration. >> meyer is bucking the trend. 9.5% of workers work at home. that's up from 7% in 1997. but her decision doesn't come out of the blue. she came from google who likes the atmosphere when workers
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have face-to-face time. she's in the middle of a turn around. we reached out to yahoo!, but the company declined to comment. business insider did talk to some employees and not all of them are upset. >> it was getting way too lenient and people weren't using their best judgment. to the point that some of them didn't even realize their colleagues still worked for yahoo!. >> well, it's a diet that allows for seven glasses of red wine a week. and it's heart healthy. the mediterranean diet came out on top in a new study that compared it to the traditional, low fat diet. the results were so dramatic, that they cut the study short. >> today's study compared the mediterranean diet to a low fat diet among 7500 patients at high risk for heart disease. after five years, those on the mediterranean diet had 30% fewer heart attacks, strokes, or deaths from heart disease.
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dr. tara is a preventative cardiologist. >> diet is really one of the most under estimated and easy ways to change your profile. >> the mediterranean diet includes nuts, fresh fruit, vegetables, beans, fish, and poultry instead of processed meat. it allows for seven or more glasses of wine a week. the low fat diet encourages fruit and vegetables and avoiding red meat, but discourages all vegetable oils, including olive oil and nuts. >> by switching the type of fat you eat, you can improve the way your body handles cholesterol levels. improve the way you handle blood sugar and potentially prevent clotting within those blood vessels. >> a strong family history of cholesterol. last year she got a scare. >> i went to the doctor with the cholesterol of 335, which
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is outrageous. >> she began taking a cholesterol lowering drug and is following a mediterranean diet. >> it was up to me to take care of myself. >> findings were so dramatic, that researchers stopped the study after five years. it would have been unethical to withhold the results any longer. the eagle has landed after days on the run from a zoo in palo alto. a bald eagle return to its handlers. kit doe was there as the bird finally decided she had enough fun. >> her name is sequia and she had the zoo worried sick. >> she's my baby. the 24-year-old bald eagle got spooked and wandered off. her handlers have been tracking her along highway 101 in menlo park. they have been using a whistle
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to get her attention. trying to inties her. >> she will eventually come down. she'll find the right place and the moment will be right. >> finally after three days, she apparently decided she wasn't going cold and hungry anymore. >> i was really, really happy and concentrating on holding on to food really tight and snatching and hoping she would come by me. >> there's a benefit to these incidents. powerful, impromptu lessons on nature that kids will remember for a lifetime. >> why are you smiling? >> because i have never seen an eagle before. >> is this a normal thing for a kid to see? >> no, cats and dogs, but not an eagle. >> she wandered off eight times in the last 24 years. it's not first time, and not the last. eagles do whatever eagles want
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to do. >> and so sequia is back safe and sound. she got spooked when she took some cover in trees during high winds and then she was harassed by a flock of sea gulls. they will probably take her out again in high winds to make sure she gets used to it. >> who was your shooter? you got the best pictures of anybody. >> it was the wonderful jim flanigan. i was sitting in the driver's seat and the eagle would land in the tree and then it would fly off and we would chase it. it was cat and mouse game until finally at sunset, got the money shot. >> story behind the story. kit doe, thank you for that. pictures were incredible. i love when he say eagles do what they want to do. >> when it wants to come back, it will come back. >> she had nice weather. >> majestic blue skies.
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get used to the blue sky, it's not going anywhere. i don't see a big-time pattern change. next week the bay lights make their official debut. showing that to you live. tonight, another chilly night in san rafael. fremont 38. concorde 38. similar to the mornings we had all month long because we have been clear all month long and that leads to chilly nights. take a look at our rain fall. livermore, you're at 20% of normal. san jose, 13%. san francisco 11% of our normal rain fall. and this pattern keeping us dry tonight. we'll keep us dry for the next several days. high pressure right now is off to our west and it's taking all the moisture. there's plenty of it and sending it up to our north. washington, oregon, getting the rain fall. we will not. but the location of the high pressure dome will change and our forecast is going to change. it's off to our west.
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we're getting a northerly flow, keeping us chilly along the coastline. san francisco you hit 58 degrees. by thursday, friday, and saturday, high pressure is much closer. the wind is off of land. it's a northeast flow of air. we'll hit the 70s for the first day of march. low 70s are likely as march begins. i don't see any rain fall for the next week. livermore, your high is 63. exactly average. san jose 64. los al toes 64. san ramon and mid to low 60s. 60 in san francisco. extended forecast, there's your 70 as we start off march on friday. we would likely stay mild and dry through next weekend. no change in the forecast. >> none. >> at least you are consistent. >> we have been very consistent. >> a recall at ikea. >> but not for its furniture. ,,,,,,
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,, for over 60,000 california foster children, ,, nights can feel long and lonely. i miss my sister.
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i miss my old school. i don't want special treatment.. i just wanna feel normal. to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas for foster children, big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help make a foster child's night a little cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. been tagged in europe's widening horse meat scandal.
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n the czech republic ikea's famous swedish meatballs have been tagged. inspectors say they have found horse meat in meatballs bound for ikea restaurants in 13 european countries. an ikea spokesperson tells kpix5, we're safe here in the u.s. >> that's not anything that we're going to see in our stores here. we do have suppliers that are backed by the usda that guarantees only beef and pork products are in our meatballs. >> inspectors are doing dna testing to see how widespread the problem is. it was a celebration fit for scottish royalty in emeryville this afternoon. bag pipes, and loud cheers for two of the company's makers who brought an oscar back to the bay area. brave won best animated feature film. >> the ultimate feeling of
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shock and almost awe because it is our industry's highest honor. we spent six years making this film. to have it recognized at this level, it was surreal. >> it is pixar's seventh win. tom brady and andres have in common and get ting done with the glove in phoenix for the a's. the minute is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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double and a three run homer against the white sox, sta rough spring debut in consecutive picks, he allowed a three-run home run. madison making his first start. two innings, two hits. no earned runs for the giants lefty. and a little help from that
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man,juaquin. a two-run single, but the giants allowed nine unanswered runs. how about the a's? flashing the leather all over the place. here is josh, sliding into right field to rob phelps of a bis hit, and a men to that. that's what i like. and josh donaldson of two rbi despite the great defense. 14 runs on ten hits. they lost to the indians. tom brady, three-year extension worth $27 million. up about $15 million in cap room. his average salary is the same as andres. the nhl suspended for just two games instead of ten. apparently left the bench friday in chicago, but he did so at a time where they are saying there's a line change. going to get away with it, just two games and he'll be back

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